Saturday, March 29, 2014


I must say this - thank god for media. 

Ramprastha builder has delayed his project for 2 years and buyers were running from pillar to post. When suddenly a saviour appears - and surprise surprise, its the media !!!

I think the video in the link speaks for itself, so I will just post the link for now:

For the context, please visit and follow the twitter handle of the anchor Priyanka Sambhav, currently our only beacon of light. She has taken up our case and follow up comments will come in future on her twitter handle. 

I get a feeling that like Tintin, reporter, cleaning up Chicago (Tintin in America) Priyanka Sambhav is planning to clean up the real estate sector in India - very much in need of cleaning up. Ramprastha might end up being the test case - or so I hope !!

Priyanka Sambhav: Pehredar for builders

I will of course continue to write follow up comments here, especially about Vaibhav Ghaggar, the lawyer in the program. He is a giant killer whom I have met before.

Let us take solace from this program - in the absence of our flat !



  1. Great initiatives taken by some of the great people who is taking battle against builder. It might be start, but no wonder if it brings some revolution in due time. Hats off to journalist like Priyanka Sambhav who is understanding the ground level issues faced by all flat buyers. Hope Ramprastha's top management/board read your blog/ watch the coverage of CNBC Pehredaar and understand where are they actually pushing Indian real Estate sector !!! No wonder if people in india stop buying under construction flats due to cheating attitude of some builder!!! Thanks again for all the member who is supporting these fight against developer and saving our country in long term !

  2. All these builder are thick skin people. They don't care about the misery buyers are facing. Burden of EMI (huge sum of interest) + Rent is hitting hard now. We are unable to plan for the future. Thanks to media for taking up the case and helping. A long way to go but good things is that we have some media guys helping.

  3. All the politicians have vested interest in this unregulated real estate market in the country because of which there is no law to curb these practises by the builders. The only one that can rescue the genuine buyer like us is the media. Commendable job has been done by the team of CNBC Pehredaar. But thats not the end, its just a beginning of a revolution.

  4. Hello Venkat,

    Are there are any updates on what is happening currently. I am also a buyer of one of the flats at Ramprastha K tower. After a lot of follow ups also I don't receive any satisfactory reply. And the change in delivery dates is as prominent as mentioned by everybody in your posts.

    Can you also please let me know what measures are being taken? I would also like to participate in the action.

    My mail id is:

    Ankit Sinha

  5. Dear Ramprastha Edge flat owners,

    I am managing the community portal of Ramprastha Edge. I request you to please join our group.

    Also, our group will be meeting at Ramprastha office in Sector 44, Gurgaon on Saturday July 9, 2016 at 11 am to take up VAT; possession and compensation related issues with the builder's representatives.

    I request all the readers to pass this message to all the flat owners whom you know; maximum participation will ensure that all doubts and issues get clarified.

    Please feel free to contact me at 9891450955 or


    Vishal Jain

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